Guitar & Ukulele

Available in Harrow

The guitar and ukulele are great instruments to learn, whether you are wanting to learn how to play chords or read music and take formal graded exams, lessons are tailored around the individual's needs. We recommend the ukulele for our youngest beginners for which we offer lessons in pairs.

For Guitar lessons we start at age 8 years old and also offer lessons in pairs for all pre-graded students. The guitar come in various sizes  and each student will need to be fitted with an instrument sized according to their age and height, so please be sure to get professional advice before purchasing one. For children, we offer an instrument for the trial class so there is no need to have one before you book your first class. After the trial class we will offer advice and support to help you or your child get started.

This is the best options for mature students or those already working on the graded syllabus. Students often require more specialist help with technique and theory once working at the graded level and so one to one lessons better able to cater for the individual approach students require at this stage.

This is also recommended for those age 12+ and mature students.

This is a great option for young beginners age 4-11 years old, classes are fun and interactive, promoting higher engagement levels from students. Students enjoy the companionship of learning with peers and soon start to work collaboratively which in turn increases the learning opportunities. Lessons are 30 minutes.

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* Free Trial classes are for the under 18's only.

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