Piano Lessons

Available in Harrow, High Wycombe and Banbury

Our most popular instrument, we offer piano tuition at both our tution centres. We take students from age 4+ for lessons in groups which are centered around creating a comprehensive yet fun introduction to learning the instrument. Students age 12+ or those already working on the graded syllabus are offered one to one tuition. Students can either learn for fun or follow the academic route and prepare for grades. See more details about the graded syllabus on our exam preparations page. To get started you will need to have a piano or keyboard at home in order to practice in between lessons and commitment! Students are expected to attend lessons weekly during the academic term and practice daily in between lessons.

We also offer Online Lessons. A perfect option for those unable to travel to us. Online Lessons are one to one and tailored to the individual's needs. Click here for more details and prices.

This is the best options for students already working on the graded syllabus. Students often require more specialist help with technique and theory once working at the graded level and so one to one lessons better able to cater for the individual approach students require at this stage.

This is also recommended for those age 12+ and mature students.

This is a great option for young beginners age 4-11 years old, classes are fun and interactive, promoting higher engagement levels from students. Students enjoy the companionship of learning with peers and soon start to work collaboratively which in turn increases the learning opportunities. Classes sizes are deliberately small to ensure sufficient teacher contact time. Lessons are weekly during term time and last 45 minutes.

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* Free Trial classes are for the under 18's only.

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