We take students from age 5 for our music initiation group classes, which are centered around creating a comprehensive yet fun introduction to formal music lessons. Students age 7+ and those working towards the graded syllabus are offered one to one tuition. Students can either learn for fun or follow the academic route and prepare for grades. See more details about the graded syllabus on our exam preparations page.


    This is our most popular instrument, to get started (for 1:1 lessons) students will need either an acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard at home. We take students from age 7+ for 1:1 classes where they can either focus on the graded academic syllabus or learn for fun. See more details about the graded syllabus on our exam preparations page.  Students are expected to have weekly lessons and practice daily in between lessons. We offer both the classical and contemporary syllabus, so whether you are passionate about playing Mozart & Beethoven or  Adele & Ed Sheeran we can help.


    The violin is one of the most popular instruments within the string family and also a popular instrument choice for beginners. Violin's come in various sizes, and each student will need to be fitted with an instrument sized according to their age and height.


    The voice is a unique and natural instrument. Our approach to vocal lessons is a diligent and methodical one based on the individual's level, experience and age. Our view is that young vocal chords are still developing and so starting formal singing lessons too young can in some cases cause more harm than good. For this reason, we recommend a minimum starting age 10 years.  All students are expected to practice at home in between lessons. You don’t need much equipment to get started, except commitment, spare time for practising at home and a recording device (such as a phone or dictaphone) to record aspects of the lesson.


    The guitar and ukulele are great instruments to learn, whether you are wanting to learn how to play chords, read music or take formal graded exams, lessons are tailored around the individual's needs. We recommend the ukulele for our youngest beginners and suggest a minimum starting age of 10 for  Guitar lessons. The guitar comes in various sizes and each student will need to be fitted with an instrument sized according to their age and height, so please be sure to get professional advice before purchasing one.


    We offer tuition for the graded theory exams and coaching for practical musicianship. Once students get to grade 5 practical classical exams, they are required to sit a formal 2-hour theory exam; without this students cannot continue to grade 6 practical. We recommend starting preparations for this in advance so as to prevent delaying your practical music exams. Lessons are specifically tailored to suit the individual's learning style and level; this ensures that tuition is productive and useful. All of our 1:1 graded route lessons incorporate music theory but students often need additional exam related theory classes in the lead up to the theory exam. We are proud of our 100% exam pass rate.


    If you need support with preparing for your academic exams, then you’ve come to the right place! We can provide bespoke tailor-made study plans and supply recent past papers to help students prepare for these exams. Each session is 60 mins which provides us with enough time to go through study topics in detail. We recommend getting started as early as possible to avoid the stress and anxiety associated with last-minute revision!

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